To See a Cherry Tree

August 4, 2022

The darkness of the night how adorned and bright

The flickering sight of fire’s delight

Above the feathers flown and lo stood the throne

Enthralled by the mist of those left unkissed

The dancers of the night so proud and upright

The blossoms of the throne swaying in the air

The whirling wind moaned to carry these heirs

These crowns of grace their cherry tips of embrace

The petals of the night in such a fond flight

These prancing petals and seeds of tipping-poise

Woven from the bloom-dress fallen to torrid distress

For there in lay the hollow a feather barren swallow

The magic of the night was suppressed by the sight

For there stood a cherry tree of grand ol’ pleasantry

Banished to the realm of a forsaken revelry

The dancers of the night in that low fervid light

For what a nervous sight of nature’s fallen might

To see a cherry tree in such a scorched plight

To see a cherry tree all magic berthed alight

“All things truly wicked start from an innocence.” ― Ernest Hemingway